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If you wanna get hardcore and have a little fun, investing in a juicer could be your ticket.  Juicers range quite a bit in price, so do your research and decide your commitment level.  When I first started using a juicer, I bought this simple juicer for about $45 and it was great while I was starting out.

After learning the ropes and agreeing with myself that I am committed to using a juicer regularly, I invested in a higher end juicer and have zero regrets!  I will make enough juice to fill 5- 16oz glass bottles, stick them in the freezer, and then pull one out each evening before I go to bed.  It’s defrosted and ready for me to take to work the next morning.  (I do this with smoothies also!)

Kicking cancer with juices like this:

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**CAUTION: I do not recommend juicing beets! While I love beets, juicing them can cause vomiting… You’re welcome.