Gathering Up and Setting Out

Week two of the Be Still Challenge and Daniel Fast with YogaFaith has brought me a lot of clarity.  It’s been like a team meeting between God and I regarding what this next season is going to look like.  I’ve never experienced this much confidence and direction before, and I know if I was moving forward in my own strength and wisdom, this would not be the case.  But knowing where this direction is coming from has emboldened me and I am excited for the months ahead!

I would say my biggest takeaway this week looks like this:  The past 4 years- Cancer treatment followed by 3 years of collective trauma- was school for me.  I was schooled.  I have spent these four years gathering up lessons about myself, my faith, my community…  I’ve done some deep-dive learning about wellness, the effects a Standard American Diet (SAD) has on long-term physical and mental health, the spiritual starvation of today’s culture, and what my own areas of growth and personal physical, mental, and spiritual needs are.  I’ve contemplated, studied, practiced, sought guidance from mentors and trusted family and friends, learned who my people are, and now…

Now, because of God’s grace, it’s time to take all I’ve gathered and use the beautifully messy things I’ve experienced and turn it all into a flashlight that I can use to light the path in front of others.  I’m not talking about a dollar tree flashlight; I’m talking helping-people-find-their-way-out-of-the-“trauma-pit” strength flashlight!

Can’t Miss It

I imagine week three of this challenge and fast will be about defining implementation, but I’m ready for deployment.  I’m done contemplating and ready for action.  And my encouragement for you, dear reader, is this:  These last few years have been hard on all of us.  And it is OK to feel your feelings.  However, feelings are ever changing and fickle.  Outside of your feelings, what have you learned?  Is there something you can take from the messy that is useful and productive moving forward?  Is it something you can use to help someone else?  If so, that is your Street Cred.  If you’re struggling to know how to move forward or if there even is anything of use, ask God for clarity and guidance.  I believe He wants to give you that.  Even if you are still in the middle of it, we can use our mess for His message.  I’m always happy to share my flashlight.


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