Work Clothes and Bad Hair Days

Before I greet 2023, I’d like to thank 2022 for teaching me a lot of things and helping me grow in areas I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. I set my imposter syndrome aside and began teaching in-person yoga for the first time since my certifications were earned (when we were knee-deep in the pandemic).  Guess what?  I LOVE IT.

All I do is show up.  God does the rest.  There were times my class had 1 person.  Sometimes my class is full.  Sometimes it rained.  Sometimes there was a blazing heat wave.  But all the time, God showed up to do a work in anyone that came to meet Him on their mat or chair.  A community is being built, I love the people in it, and my heart sings.

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Aren’t We Cute?

So, I’ve learned what can happen when I make a little room for the Holy Spirit.  As I dive into 2023, I’m going in with oceans of passions and health on my mind.  I am taking part in YogaFaith’s challenge to Be Still (quiet moments devoted to being still and meditating on God’s Word for a few minutes a day, while taking a different contemplative posture) for 31 days, as well as a Daniel Fast for 21 days.  This dynamic duo is something the YogaFaith community is invited to do, and this will be my first time participating in the Be Still Challenge.

As the first week of this Dynamic Duo comes to a close, I thought of something I’d like to share:  If you wait for all the lights to turn green before you leave the house, you will never go anywhere.


  • Yoga postures can be done in work clothes
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful (See photo below with the awkward stage my hair is in as I continue to grow it back. LOL)
  • Navigating meals with people while your fasting is challenging
  • It’s ok to eat food you aren’t used to
  • It’s called a yoga PRACTICE, not a yoga PERFECT (I’m looking at you Eagle Pose!)

All I know, is I was prepared to show up and I expected God to show up as well.  And He continually does.  In ways I never would have thought of or imagined!  And I’m only a quarter of the way through the month.  My faith is strengthened, I feel healthy, and my creative juices are flowing.  I’m greeting each day with expectation and hope rather than waiting for whatever the next energy-taxing event will be.

I am really enjoying finding my breath, slowing down, playing with flavor, and supporting my community.  I’m practicing contentment.  I’m contemplating the words of God as I read scripture.  This just feels like the best way to begin a year and I wonder why I’ve never done this before.

These are things that God has available for all people.  Fasting and postures of prayer are not mandatory, but this week, for me, they have enhanced my time with the Lord and gave me eyes to see and ears to hear more clearly.

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