Plant Curious?

Find some delicious inspiration here! Take advantage of my quality assurance model (a.k.a. I’ve already tested these recipes and they are yum!)

Whole Food
Plant-Based Enthusiasm!

My enthusiasm stems from the powerful differences I’ve experienced in my own body after adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle

I couldn’t have navigated this beautiful change without some powerful voices and resources, not to mention delicious foooooood… And I’d love to share them with you!

Food That Works FOR You, Not AGAINST You!

Plant Love

I love food.  Until recently, it was a love/hate relationship, mostly because I love eating and hated the way my food made me look and feel.  Now, my food loves me back!


All you need is a great formula, some amazing sauces and spices, and meals practically make themselves!...


The PERFECT grab-and-go meals and perfect for helping avoid that self-sabotage moment because you waited to long to eat!...


Good ol' fashion plate fulla food. Only you get to eat way more food because it's nutrient dense rather than calorie dense!...


What is it about beverages? Hot, cold, blended, shaken not stirred... What if what you drank tasted amazing and gave you super powers??...

Pixie Dust

The flavors you think you are going to miss from the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) don't actually come fromthe animal product... It comes from what the animal product was marinated in or seasoned with! That's where the magic is! Come see!

My Favorite Recipe Books and best Kitchen Gadgets


Plant You by Carleigh Bodrug lays out beautiful, easy recipes with so much vibrant color and so little food waste.  It brings new meaning to “eating the rainbow”.

Why I Love

First Mess by Laura Wright is such a cozy and beautiful book and speaks to my love of all the autumnal comfort foods.


The Wicked Healthy Cookbook by brothers Chad and Derek Sarno and David Joachin is edgy, cool, masculine and has the best “cheese” sauce recipe I’ve ever had.  Also, personal chefs for Woody Harrelson when he’s filming!

Why I Love

Beat Cancer Cookbook by Chris and Micah Wark gets my seal of approval because of its own street cred- Chris used nutrition rather than chemo to reverse the effects of stage 3 colon cancer at the ripe old age of 26, guided by his own research during a time when WFPB resources were hard to come by.

Why I Love

The Blue Zones Kitchen by Dan Buettner is a collection of plant based recipes from pockets of people in communities all over the world known for centennial living… People that live 100+ years due to living in a healthy culture.


The choose you now diet by Julieanna Hever is a great education from a plant-based dietician that not only brings excitement through recipes, but also excitement through attainable health, wellness and weight goals.

Expandable Sink Collander!

Air Fryer To Help Cut Out The Oil!

Salad Spinner For Those Leafy Greens!

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Did you know...

Up to 80% of our immune system is physically found in our gut? What you put on the end of your fork will either help you or hurt you.  I’m so happy you found this page!  Try some stuff out!  Even if you are not quite ready to be completely plant-based, that’s ok!  I’m simply here to encourage you to at least make them the STAR of your plate!  The center stage, if you will.  Let me know what you think!  What you notice!  Let me cheer for you in any step towards healthy living!